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Welcome to Technical Data Package standardization project web pages

This portal contains information related to the project producing  the recommended practices for the Technical Data Package message (also called header).

This header contains all the information for secured transportation of the set of files constituting a Technical Data Package (TDP). A TDP is exchanged between an industrial partners (OEM,  partners, sub-contractor) sharing work inside an industrial program or project.

Technical Data Package standardization ProjectSchemas and usage guide

It implies several companies and initiatives:

  • Enterprises
    • EADS MAS, EADS, AIRBUS, Boost Conseil
  • Initiatives
    • Boost Aerospace, EADS Phenix
    • ASD Strategic Standardization Committee
ASD Business DEX or OASIS PLCS DEXLink with other communities and projects

It is planned to push in a second phase the recommended practices as an ASD Business DEX and then an OASIS PLCS DEX, within DEXLIB:

  • associated information model
  • related EXPRESS and XML schemas
  • set of templates
  • associated sercices



TDP message standardization is strongly connected with different communities and projects:

  • ISO STEP community (Data exchange, sharing and long term archiving within manufacturing domain)
  • OASIS Product Lifecycle Custormer Support
  • LOTAR project


More about the project More about the project

The recommended practices have been issued by the Aeronautic and Space European community, through several digital collaboration initiatives related to production of PLM platforms supporting collaborative work within this community (SEINE, BoostAerospace, EADS PLM harmonization or PHENIX, etc). The governance aspect was endorsed by the ASD SSG, while a specific project was launched in order to perform the technical work.

Targeting an international appliance, the TDP message is based on only existing and used international eBusiness PLM standards for data exchange, sharing and long term archiving, and has been collecting inputs, feedbacks and requirements from numerous initiatives and projects, in particular through piloting activities.

This portal constitutes an open and shared place where information of reference are updated concerning the TDP message. It provides information about the project, the architecture of reference defining the context and the environment for which the specifications were produced, the specifications themshelves (with managed configuration), the schemas (in EXPRESS and in XML), a repository of documents and finally references to all the external documents, standards and projects which are related to the TDP message recommended practices.