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Schemas for TDP Message and DEXes Schemas for TDP Message and DEXes

TDP message defined a set of information allowing secured transportation of files constituting at Technical Data Package. It is a subset of ISO STEP modules which are used in order to defined application protocols for Product Data Interchange, Sharing and Long Term Archiving. The modules which were considered were defined through PLCS for Product Lifecycle Customer Support (AP239).

The definitions providing the meaning of the inforamtion are consequently those provided by AP239, while the schema which can be manipulated by software application is a subset of the AP239 schema, formalized with the EXPRESS language. The TDP message in EXPRESS is the schema of reference. A schema for XML is defined with the XML Schema language, according STEP specifications indicating how to produce XML Schema from EXPRESS a standardized way (part 28 of the ISO STEP standard).

So the recommended practice is to use EXPRESS for specifications, and XML schema in part 28 for the implementation.

This part of the portal contains the different specifications describing how to use the schemas of reference, in EXPRESS and in "XML Schema", with the different version of the specifications. If the version 1.0 is a simple word document explaining what the header should content and how to use the schema to formalize it, the next version under preparation should include complementary inputs from S5000F and be formalized as a DEX based on PLCSLIB if relevant.

TDP Message schemas and associated recommended usage
VersionSpecificationsEXPRESSXML SchemaStatusDateComments



A document of reference explaining usage of the schema within the context of PLCS.TDPMessage.exp


(+ referenced cnf.xsd, doc.xsd and ex.xsd)

Final 01/07/2009
This schema was produced by the TDP message project, starting from the schema provided by the SEINE project, and then completing it according collected feedback from ASD SSG members companies, pilots and other standardization initiatives.
0.2TDP Message Header file – Usage in PLM Hub context TDPMessage.exp


(+ referenced cnf.xsd, doc.xsd and ex.xsd)

Draft 01/09/2010
This schema was produced by the TDP message project, taking into consideration feedback from BoostAerospace and PHENIX pilots and completed set of requirements. It will be completed with a set of generic use cases related to Technical Data Package used in different contexts.
Version provided for feedback by the different stakeholders
1.0ASD TDP Message Header DEX Specification v1.0, 05/10/2012TDPMessage.exp


(+ referenced cnf.xsd, doc.xsd and ex.xsd)

Published on the ASD SSG public web site after approval process



TDP Message DEXs
VersionDEXInformation modelStatusDateComments





Waiting from inputs of current Business Pilots for harmonized way of using the TDP message header, taking into account operational constraints. Will be a Business DEX as a basis for OASIS PLCS DEX
Will be dedicated to OASIS PLCS DEX - may be based on ongoing DEXLIB2, which aims to simplify DEXLIB