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Ressources references from TDP Message Ressources references from TDP Message

DEX libraries from OASIS PLCS

This libraries contain all the ressources related to OASIS PLCS DEXes, including XML documents, associated DTDs, stylesheets and scripts allowing to generate from these documents the HTML documents constituting the DEXes, the graphics (created from Microsoft Visio then transformed as images) and finally some documentations about the different ressources: business DEXes, oasis DEXes, templates, Refererence Data Libraries, PLM services...

The TDP message recommandations are formalized as DEX, which reference other DEXes capabilities. For this reason, the snapshot of DEXLIB used when creating the TDP was registered, and was uploaded within the document repository of this portal.

STEP module libraries from ISO SC4 TC184

DEXLIB are themshelves built on top of STEP modulesrepository, in particular for modules used by STEP Application Protocole 230 (Product Lifecycle Customer Support). As for DEXLIB, a snapshot was produced, capturing state of STEPMOD when building the TDP message DEX.

Content of documents repository

As too huge to be saved as a single archive (zip), several folders and subfolders were created, on the basis of those used by DEXLIB and STEPMOD, and files were grouped in groups in order to obtain acceptable size. It was done for repositories (i.e. some DEXes, Business DEXes, etc). When archives still too big, archives were splitted with IZarc. It is the case for Templates and UK_Defence business DEX.